Thursday, December 4, 2014

Some zombie fiction for your holiday season

It seems this little blog has been neglected for some time. Here's a little novel that I just released for the Kindle. Grab it for $2.99 if you feel the need from some chaotic zombie entertainment. If you're a friend or family member, you may just find yourself somewhere in this story.

It became a quiet Earth. You didn't want them to hear you, the Undead. Something in the reanimation process increased the sensitivity of the auditory nerves. They could literally hear you from miles away. Even the animals grew hauntingly silent, no birds called, no dogs barked.
Silence became survival.
We've all seen the classic zombie movie; slow-moving reanimated corpses that could be killed with a shot to the head. Destroy the brain and the zombie goes bye-bye.
This wasn't it.
Because these things could not be killed. Ever. Shots to the brain didn't work. Even if you dismembered them, their parts would continue to move indefinitely. Burning them beyond recognition seemed the only way to put them to a final end.
So how did it start, this rising of the dead?
Most believe this condition stemmed from the use of chemical weapons. In 2017, the US attacked North Korea after it was proven that nuclear missiles were being developed and near to completion. Weeks of discussion between the two countries amounted to nothing, with North Korea's leaders still blinded by their ancient beliefs. They would be controlled by no one.
The United States, assuming their role as the World Police and with the support of many of their allies, laid the place to waste. Officially they only used conventional bombs. Most believed this to be bullshit.
Pyongyang, its capital and largest city was hit first and within thirty minutes every living thing for hundreds of miles lie dead. Nearly twenty-eight million people.
North Korea's government practiced Songun, believing that their military was the supreme repository of power within their country. The military's importance far outweighed all other facets of their society. Thus there would be no surrender.
According to conspiracy theorists, other cities were bombed with the chemical agent, a crimson powder converted to aerosol called DDR, now known as Drop-dead Red. Its exact chemical structure was classified, but it appeared to be a more advanced version of mustard gas. Previously untested.
Death from above didn't last long.
Sixty-three days later and the first reanimated corpse crossed the border into South Korea. It was assumed that the thing had killed the guards that stood watch at every entry point and turned them as well. When first sighted, the creature was several miles into South Korea and had a following of dozens more undead.
Days later and the same event happened on the boundary of China.
The Western world knew nothing of these things until someone in Asia uploaded a video to Youtube. At first believed to be an elaborate hoax, more and more footage appeared, proving that this was real.
International flight was halted, but it was too late. 

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