Thursday, August 28, 2014

Benedict Martin releases Finding Demons for the Kindle!

In 2011, Benedict Martin released his novel Escaping Entry, which I read and loved. Ben has now completely rewritten it as there were aspects of it that he was unhappy with. The new title, as you can see below, is Finding Demons. The Kindle ebook is only 99cents right now. You should really hop over to Amazon and get this story on your Kindle. 

Here is the description straight from the Amazon page:

  For seventeen-year-old William Stun, ghost town inhabitant and blossoming artist, life is an exercise in boredom. That all changes when an eccentric nobleman named Harold hires him to be his personal photographer. But there is more to Harold than meets the eye, and when William discovers his job requires taking photographs of his employer killing monsters, it isn’t long before he begins pining for the eerie quiet of home.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Horror novel by William Kenney

Many of you are familiar with my fantasy novels. Up to this point, the work that I have published has been written for general audiences - no harsh language, no sex, etc. My new novel, Ingheist, is not. This novel, were it a film, would be rated R. Please be aware of this when you consider purchasing Ingheist. This is an adult horror novel, with adult situations.

It is currently available for the Kindle. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you,