Monday, November 19, 2012

The Infinity Bridge

Lest you think we at the SkullDust Circle have been asleep all summer, or worse resting on our laurels at the completion of our awesome anthology I shall quote the Mighty Thor...
"I say thee nay."

Which translated means 'No.' Whilst Emperor Vanucci, Sir William of Kenney and Lord Laszlo have all been scribing the next installments in their fantasy epics, for my own part I have completed my edit on DR3 and released a brand new book- The Infinity Bridge.

I wrote the book in response to complaints from my two eldest kids that everything I wrote was too grown up (i.e replete with long words and graphic fight scenes) for them. So I set to work in creating a MG/YA story with all the Dr Who-esque elements I knew they liked, set in a place they've visited with kids they could identify with (like Green Day and computers). I threw in a dash of Steampunk (clockwork androids and air-ships), some alternate worlds and even good old Merlin, re-imagined for the modern age.

If that tickles your curiosity buds, or if you've got kids age 10+ who like sci-fi/fantasy then click below and download a sample. The blurb for the book kinda says it all....

Sam: likes loud music, wears black eye-liner... and sees monsters.

Nick: wears Che Guevera knit-wear, big specs, loves sci-fi... and designs computer viruses.

Annie: dresses like a Sunday evening period drama, lives with her granddad... and fights like a ninja.

When Sam helps out the mysterious Annie, he and his cousin, Nick, are drawn into a world of excitement and danger. Terrifying androids roam the streets of York seeking the awesome power of the Infinity Bridge, a device that could signal the end of our world as we know it. All who stand in their way are being eliminated.

The three teenagers are propelled into an action-packed race against time, involving alternate realities, airships, clockwork killers.... and Merlin.

Sometimes the monsters are real....

To find on Amazon UK
And on Amazon US

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