Friday, May 25, 2012

Maturation Process free this weekend!

Gary Vanucci is releasing Wothlondia Rising 3: MATURATION PROCESS for FREE this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday only) on AMAZON Kindle as another promotional endeavor to bring our wonderful blog readers and friends into to the Realm of Ashenclaw.

Follow a young and naive elf as he attempts to escape from beneath his overbearing father's expectations. His journey takes him down the road of great disappointment and loss, atop the wings of a magnificent giant eagle, and eventually into the company of an old friend who attempts to nudge him onto the road of self-discovery. Check out Elec Stormwhisper and all of my WOTHLONDIA RISING prequels to Covenant of the Faceless Knights (now in a brand new KINDLE edition for only $4.99!)

Maturation Process is the telling tale of the high elf, Elec Stormwhisper, who lives in the overbearing shadow of his Father, Keryth. Treated as an outcast and feeling alienated from his own people, he exiles himself for a decade, finding a friend in a strange place and begins to accept his own unique destiny. Will this young and inexperienced elf ever find his true calling?

Wothlondia Rising are prequels to Covenant of the Faceless Knights. They are a series of short stories set in the original fantasy setting entitled the Realm of Ashenclaw. The series details life altering, significant events from the past that shape the course of these important characters, setting them on the path that will change their lives forever! 

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